Client Background


Alchymystique is a company providing the full portfolio of herbal products and services based only on natural resources. The main portfolio is herbal oils, teas, mixtures, medicaments, on top of the products Alchymistique provides social networking and education by organizing workshops for its clients.



Alchymystique is a very traditional company based only on real human interaction and traditional way of selling. The company presents its own products on the farm market and to the customers, which are not traditional IT users. The customer has zero experience with e-commerce, social medias and modern way of selling by digital tools. The employees of Alchymystique have conservative attitude to any digital way of selling. The main aim of the e-commerce solution was to provide online solution, which keeps the feeling of traditional selling of hand-made manufactured products. In contrary the e-commerce solution has to have strong support of social medias and professional online marketing. In addition to product selling customer aims to build an online community of customers, who would not only buy the products, but also be willing to participate on the company workshops and extend the community even more among their friends.



Sator IT Enterprises deliver a clear and intuitive e-commerce tool including eshop, workshop bookings, modern graphics and online marketing support. The whole solution was tailor made from the beginning to meet the customer needs. The graphics is bases on photos made by professionals from the real production environment of the company in order to keep the feeling that customer shops in the real shop or at farmers markets.

The result is that Alchymystique is the leader company in online selling of herbal products on the Czech Republic, it is the only company wo offers seasonal selling, supporting by themes workshops. It offers to create custom made products on the chosen client recipe.